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January 24, 2013



 ~ Wanderlust – A strong desire or impulse to travel or explore the world. ~

I have it. This year as I began to set my goals for 2013 I kept feeling a need to travel and see the world. Last week as Grant and I sat on the couch, I said to him I wanted to travel somewhere different this year. Somewhere we haven’t been and to get lost in a different culture or city. Grant is a creature of habit and would happily holiday in New Zealand or Noosa each year where I on the other hand have a rather long list of things I want to see and do in this lifetime on all of the continents of the globe.

Travelling inspires me so much and I realise I don’t do it enough, especially outside of Australia. Being able to travel for my clients weddings is an amazing gift and I find those weddings have something different to weddings in my back yard. Being pushed out of my comfort zone makes me think differently and the inspiration flows into my life and photography.

I’m ready to pull out a map of the world, throw a dart and see where it lands and where fate will take us. Whether its an art appreciation trip in Florence, a safari across the Serengeti, renting a pied-à-terre in Paris or a villa in Bora Bora, I’m ready to get lost. To explore and be inspired.

Where does your wanderlust want to take you?


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