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February 11, 2013


Cypress Wedding Album – Jasmine and Jason

While every client receives the high resolution images from their wedding it always makes my heart happy when I have my clients pre-order an album. So much so that there is a slight reduction in cost when ordered up front in a package as it makes my life, and theirs, so much easier. I can start on their album draft as soon as their images are finished and if there are not too many changes they can expect to have their album before their 5 month anniversary.

Having the digital files is great but having something you can physically hold and keep is something else entirely.

I recently received Jasmine and Jason’s gorgeous wedding album from Cypress Albums and as always was delighted to hold it in my hands. Along with the album was also a box of proof prints from their gallery which is a lovely, tangible keepsake of their day.


I having been using Cypress Albums exclusively for the past 3 years for my clients albums and products and recently moved within their range to the more lightweight flushmount heirloom album. I firmly believe a wedding album shouldn’t be intimidating but instead invite you to pick it up and be transported back to your wedding day each time you look at it. It should be on your coffee table or on your bookshelf rather than hidden away in a cupboard never to see the light of day. This isn’t your mother’s wedding album but a fresh and elegant album that is fashionable and classic and most certainly your first family heirloom.


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