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December 5, 2016


Eating Clean

I used to think that making change was hard. I like my comfort zone and pushing myself outside of that zone is never enjoyable but then I was told I could be very sick.

Change after that conversation came so quickly and surprisingly easily. For years I had intentions of eating less dairy and wheat but the idea of passing up a fresh baguette was inconceivable! At that moment in my life however I didn’t have control over many things, but I did have complete control over what I put into my body and the change was immediate. Within a few days of my diagnosis, I had researched what foods were tumour shrinking, cancer cell inhibitors and almost immediately I had a list of foods I should be avoiding in my diet and foods I should be increasing. My plan was simple as I removed those foods that were inflammatory such as wheat and dairy and replaced them with almond milk, green tea, vegetables and lean protein.

I felt an immediate change in my body and post surgery I continued with this plan however about a month ago I started to fall into old habits. Situations such as working late or the convenience of take away had started to creep back into my life and I needed a boost to get back on track which is where Kale & Co came in. There was a week on the calendar where Grant was going to be out of town so I took the opportunity to do their Clean Eat 5 day program. I loved their approach of a plant based, fresh not frozen, superfood diet and hoped it would reinforce those habits that I had begun months ago and also give me fresh ideas of meals that I could make in advance and would be able to sit in the fridge for a few days.

The meals were so delicious and I began to look forward to my daily juice snack. I’ve never been a big juice person but these were so delicious including apple cinnamon iced tea and watermelon, grapefruit and ginger juice. I would have loved to have done a second week and will likely do it again next month but for now I have an invigorated attitude to fuel my body with nutritious and tasty food. I am so pleased to report that I recently had my check up as I am now 6 months post surgery and my scans and blood tests were normal! I will continue with regular check ups every 3-6 months but for now, my health has never been better!



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